Thursday, July 28, 2011

1938-1941 Ledger Excerpts

 I was clearing out the bookcase, and came acoss an old box full of dried roses. Inside, I found an old account ledger,  very small in size, with only a few years of entries, that my Mum jotted down, between 1938-1941. She and my dad had only been married a few years, living in Victoria in a small apartment,  eeking out a living best as they could. My dad worked for the CPR Railway  and CPR Ships, like the Princess Louise, Princess Mary, in the boiler rooms. These are just some of the excerpts I 've scanned. Really a something to glad I found it.
 Not sure exactly what "Moth-tax" or "Fly tax" is supposed to be.....maybe "fly-tox" ?? Take home pay is jotted down at the top right hand corner . Looks like every two weeks. Some weeks I noticed there was no mantion of pay coming in. Mum worked at odd jobs. She didn't start with the Empress Hotel till the late 40's early 50's. Till then she did odd jobs like sewing, cleaning, etc.
 Looks like it cost a $1.00 to go to Powell River in November of 1938.
 May 1939 reads: "Kay came in. ( Kay was my mother's best friend. She was killed in a car crash about 15 years later) June and July payments to hospital ( my dad was always quite ill, and had numerous operations. No health insurance then. Had to do payments to the doctors) and finished Dr. Lyons. August suitfor Davie, Sept and Oct , insurance, December, Xmas expenses."

 "Rest of 1940 just tried to save a bit and went home ( Bethune, Saskatchewan) for a holiday in November ( three weeks). I worked at Terry's during the summer and went back for 3 months  Jan, Feb., March of 1941. We were both well until May when I went to hospital, and in June, Davie was in Powell River Hospital"
 "I guess I might as well write off 1941 as a complete loss financially, but, considering, Davie came thru one major operation on June 6 for perforatd ulcers, was 16 days in Powell River Hospital.Was poorly until Sept 9th when he was opened once more for infection and after operation twist, recovered and was 21 days in Jubilee. Took yellow jaundice on 26 of Oct and was all better by Christmas 1941. So all in all, '41 was ortunate for us as Davie got happily well again. We spent a wonderful six weeks at home on the farm ( Bethune). We have used $350 in cash, and also wages earned at Willims(?) Amount to about $200 or so, pid rent, storage, and insurnce and sundry, clear except for now outstanding Doctor and Hospital insurance of $488 to date."
 Some weeks, in the ledger, I noticed that they borrowed $2.00 from the bank to tide them over to next pay day.On good weeks, when there was work mum and dad would take the ferry t either Vancouver, or Seattle,  or both, and stay over to see  show and have dinner and stay at a "housekeeping" hotel. All for te rich sum of $7.50 a day. Going to dances they would spend .40  to dance to big band combos.
A list of household items (Not sure of the year. Could be for the cook street house which was in the 40's or for the Fairield House which was in te 50's) Costs have really changed:
Chair and table 8.50
Delivery .50
Wicker 1.65
Shells 1.00
Stove 30.00 ( coal and wood stove)
Chair and ? 130.00
oil and cloth 4.50
Bedroom 50.00
pillows 10.0
groceries 10.00
pans, etc. 7.00
clothesline 1.00
rent 15.00 ( last rent of apt, I think)
deposit on water 3.00
coal and wood 6.00
stove and plumbing 2.75 
rugs 7.00
curtains 5.00

Total  $308.85"

And to think we just paid $250.00 for one drain to be unclogged, and an hour and  half of work......

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hummingbird on Verbascum

 Hummingbirds  are frequent vistors to the garden. Often I can hear their little wings whizzing asthey divebomb the flowers. Today I was on the porch, and had a moment to grab the camera. This one was after the Verbascum
 Verbascum can get so tall....this one must be about 6 feet. I think a lot of gardeners consider it to be a type of weed.I think it is an amazing plant. The hummingbirds seem to like it. This one perched on the leaves and stems before whizzing off.
 Soon, this Verbascum will stop bloomin and the stalks will become brittle, dry and hollow. But for hnow they are bright yellow....have also heard it called a "False Sunflower."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Salmon Point

 Salmon Point beach. Accessible by walking the trail by the RV resort and coming out to the rather hidden lookout point. Absolutly pristine beach. We love it here. About a 25 minute drive , depending on traffic, south of Flannel City ( which most of you know, by now, is Campbell River, B.C.) I sound like  a tourist infomercial........
 Being accosted at the start of the trail into the sanctuary.
 Love the field and pastures ....used to be an old farm/orchard.
 Finding the trail down onto the rocky Beach.  Usually there is no one there. Today there was just us there............
 All's quiet...looking North towards Quadra Island......Flannel City ( excuse me, Campbell River is in the distance)
 Sailing, only a few sailboats out on a perfect day. Not too hot, not too cold................kind of windy.
 A painted ship on a painted sea.................
 Gettin blown about .......important to not topple over into the sea.........
 At the uprooted tree,which seems to have gone and turned itself around this year.....
 All of us....Dale, Morgan,Emma, Susan, Liz and yours truly, trying to beat the self timer.......

 Made it to the top of the uprooted tree....................
 Dale struggling to open the bottle of water at the restaurant...........At Salmon Point you can sit under the pavilion to eat and watch the ocean.Just make sure you make reservations and ask for the patio. Best view.
 Water on a long day.................
 And for added entertainment you can watch the clouds in the sunset............
Huge.....................................This is the end of your infomercial. .........

Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Sweet Peas

"Sweet pea beauty in my garden, sweet dilemma you bring too....Shall I clip your lovely blossoms, or save you for my stew?"    (Montana Blue)

That first vase of fragrant sweet peas just fills the room. Their latin name is "Lathyrus odoratus" . Easy to grow from seed. Too easy. Stuff the seeds in nice dirt, about April, in little rooting pots. Then just stand back and watch them grow. Good in all zones. They like the cool of the spring, and lots of sun when outside. Aphids sometimes like the sweet peas. Never really seen it as a problem. Sometimes, if the weather is weird.
   Doesn't worth it.......every summer, without fail......