Saturday, February 27, 2016

Everywhere, Man....

I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert's bare, man (Johnny Cash)
Well  it feels like everywhere.  30 years. Time to retire  the 1985 Toyota. Made me think of all the places it's taken us.  316765 km. Total cost of ownership $0.26/km. 7.69 litres/100 km.  Just could not stop the rust anymore and finding parts was almost impossible. Great car.
 It's a daunting list. Cause I can't remember all of them. So many. Though there are the battle scars...

It's been to Timmins, Kapauskasing, Ottawa, Moncton, 

Fredericton, Halifax, Digby, Annapolis Royal, Kingston, 

Petawawa, Pembroke, Saskatoon, MooseJaw, Bethune, 

GOlden, Jaspar, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria,

 Nanaimo, Surrey, White Rock, Langley

Cooperstown ( baseball hall of fame) and Vermont.....

Amherst, Bridgewater, Truro,Yarmouth, Wolfville,Lunenburg, (Nova Scotia)

Arnprior,Niagra Falls, Niagra-on-the-lake,Smiths Falls, 

St. Mary's,           Edmonton, Calgary, 

St.Albert,Oregon.....hmmm Washington ! 
 Idaho ( somewhere), North Bay, Thunder Bay,Marathon,Elliot Lake, Dryden, S. Ste. Marie,Cochrane, Kirkland Lake,Sioux Lookout,Wawa,Nipigon,
 Canmore, Morinville,Vegreville, and a lot of other villes that I just can't remember.....
 It's seen nine moves ( I think) across Canada. A whole bunch of Prime Ministers.,....
 It's carried cats, kids, suitcases, accordion, violin, groceries, car seats, booster seats.....
 Roared across Canada  from Maritimes to  the West Coast . About three times. No, four times......
 Maybe more. 
 Gone through blizzards in Northern Ontario, Lightning storms, Rain storms, White outs in Nova Scotia. Alberta, Ontario......hmmmmmmm, oh yes, and NEW BRUNSWICK!
 Carried geraniums, small trees, flower pot stuffers galore, mulch, bags of dirt....
 My favourite memory is driving from Cornwallis, Nova Scotia  in September, down to Halifax. The trees  lining the road like something out of Road to Avonlea. I remember the window open, and  looking up from the low seat in the car, and seeing the  turned leaves waving over the car as it whooshed by. I remember the scent of a Maritime autumn. And it was glorious.....
 Battle scars of 30  years. Into the sunset you go....
 "I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert's bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I've had my share, man.
I've been everywhere." (Johnny Cash)
                                 Now I gotta get me some eyelashes for those new headlights..
(and I can still  hear Johnny Cash singing away.....)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One of the Signs....

 I was thinking lately that all it does around here is rain.Not complaining, mind you. But when all you see , every day is mud and drip, drip, drip....... Spring seems to be wistfully teasing us. The light is different on the passage, I've noticed. It's one of the signs.
 The snow on Mt. Washington is looking tired and worn. Like someone took  a hair drier to it's craggy scalp.
 My greenhouse is stuffed with dirty pots. That's a sign I need to clean them up. I'm resisting that one.....
 Evergreen clematis, in the greenhouse,  is shooting up like sparkling alien pods.
 Not only is the light changing, the eagles are more visible. Moving about their territory.
 And the birds. The birds are noisy. Loud they sing. Frantic in their competition .
Whales will be arriving soon. In a few weeks. There will be signs. Chasing herring.  Chasing sea lions. People with cameras chasing all of them.
 And the mountains will melt some more.
 Those clematis pods will drive me crazy; shooting and sputtering up into the roof.  Then they will  explode. Just like aliens. White blossoms will be everywhere. One of the signs will be the scent: heady and dark.  I'll catch myself standing inside  just to catch the aroma.
 Cordelia  has already come down to the fence more and more. Over winter she tends to hide in her house on the windowsill.  She becomes a ghost. She is a ghost no more these days.
 Smokey  roll about in the sun on the porch. This way......
 And that way......
 As the eagles sit and watch us puny mortals toddle about.
Water at the estuary  is full. Geese  have arrived back from winter holidays.  I can hear them honking up a storm from the far shore. Must be their form of Twitter....
 Pussy willows. Thick and full on the banks . Haven't seen them like this for ages.
 Benches at Tyee Spit  sit empty in the fog. A sign that they are waiting . For all those tourists.
Trees are sprouting .
 Rain clusters on seedy stems.
 It's still a lot of sog and bog.
 Smokey now gets way up high to see. He likes way up high.
 Spencer sings his favourite song: "Singin' in the Rain, just singin' in the.....".  He's such a ham.
 Smokey would like to be a bird. A hummingbird maybe. Or an eagle......
 While I scrub  the porch and haul out the pots once again.  Scrub scrub away the dirt and green of winter.
  Smokey takes his sentry duties seriously......
 Bo  observes from a polite distance.
 And Bunny wistfully wonders  what is on the other side of the glass.
Garden pots  start to gather. Garden pots to weed.
 In the sunset Smokey races to the top of the tree. To see. To watch. To smell.
 Waiting for the moment  that we all want most. Waiting for another sign....

Thursday, February 18, 2016

30 days till.....

 I have read that it is 30 days till spring. Smokey smacks  in anticipation. His playground  will be  ripe with new birds.
 30 days, 6 hours 10 minutes and some 30 , make that 9 minutes...
 Worms to rake out of the compost. Worms that wriggle and squiggle  back into the mud.
 Eagles flapping away on trees. Trees that almost died last summer in the heat.
 Make that 30 days 6 hours and 6 minutes.........not sure where all the seconds have got to. But they're there.
 There's still snow on Mt. Washington, but the sun stays long and low these days.
 The Passage still changes. In 30 days it will change again.
 The waves still holler and yelp in the wind.
 Heavens, now its 30 days 6 hours 6 minutes and 6 seconds to spring. Some sort of infernal  countdown this is.
 Till the fog flops over the mountains. Till the snow tries to melt.
 And Spencer stands  with his paws together for a full 10 minutes. A record.
 Hell won't freeze over, but we might. Still.Drip. Drip. Drip. Goes the rain.
 30 days 6 hours  4 minutes and 21 seconds. I think the eagles sit longer than that on their telephone poles.
They still fish in the estuary , bordered by pussy willows. Lots of them this year. Soft bunny paws.
 The estuary drains into the Passage.  Where Captain Vancouver  first landed on Quadra Island in 1792. He must have been so excited to finally stop rocking around in  HMCS Discovery. I wonder if he ever got seasick.....
 30 days 6 hours 0 minutes and 40 seconds till spring.
 Captain Vancouver figured out that he was  toodling along around an island. A big island.  Full of rain forests.He decided to stop.
 30 days 5 hours 56 minutes and a whole lot of seconds left. To clean up the garden. To prune trees.
 To wait for the mud to  dry up. The rain to cease. Well, at least a little. It never stops raining here.
 And in a month or so, will come the whales.  Killer whales. Feeding. Pods of them.
 It comes in 30 days 5 hours  50 minutes and 50 seconds......or it might come sooner.
 Get out the sparklers. Dig in the mud. Release some worms. Watch for whales. Count the minutes. It comes in 30 days..........5 days  42 minutes and 20 seconds...... at some point,  it will be ...............HERE. I wonder if Captain Vancouver liked spring.....