Friday, June 28, 2013

June Collage

....them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal" (Hawthorne)

"I took a day to search for God. And found Him not. But as I trod by rocky ledge, through woods untamed, I saw His footprint in the sod." (Bliss Carman)

 Smoky and Spencer.................................

"Joy is the mainspring in the whole of ednless Nature's calm rotation." (Schiller)

"It is only through the morning gate of the beautiful that you can penetrate into the realm of knowledge. That which we feel here as beauty we shall one day know as truth." (Schiller)Cordelia  in her greenhouse.

"Every child should know a hill, and the clean joy of running down its long slop with the wind in his hair. He should know a tree, the comfort of its cool lap of shade, and the supple strength of its arms......." (E. C. Joll)

"We are living in a world of beauty but how few of us open our eyes to see it! They are ours for the asking, all our own to have and to enjoy; if we only desire them enough." (Lorado Taft)
 First Sweet pea of the season.......................bring them on!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sog of a Day.......

 Rain, rain, go's June ......not November in case you haven't noticed.
 Shasta Daisy petals  getting squashed by the rain.
 Wild  roses  spotted with pink,  made of sterner stuff than the cabbage roses.
 Driving, driving in the endless rain.........don't worry I wasn't multi-tasking.
 Verbeena seems to like the rain. It is always perfect.
 Grape leaves love the rain. It collects on the leaves and plops on the muddy ground beneath.
And Dale's truck. It holds neat rocks, puddled in rain water. The truck used to hold playmobil and dolls and sand. A poignant reminder of  summers a while back. I think there was rain then.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Waiting in the Rain

                             Pouring...some sort of summer pour.
                                            Coral Rose drenched...
 Spencer. Ever hopeful he's gonna get one of those fat pigeons...
     Peace  Rose. Huge under the eaves. Sheltered from the rain.
 Porch pots stuffed to the gills with begonias and fuschias. They are beautiful this year. Must be the fertilizer.
                                   Begonias under the trees.
               Geraninums not loving the rain so much  But weathering it out.
                            Another coral rose................a little drier.
     Rhodochiton bells hanging from baskets, holding hands with each other. They are the coolest vine.
                Cordelia at a break in the rain.
        And I just could not resist this one. Someone sent it to me the other day. Must be all the           rain...............Only I would substitute the word "fabric" for "yarn"..............

Monday, June 24, 2013

LEDGER 1938-1941

 This week I finally fiished scanning the old ledger my mum kept from 1938-1941.  They were married in 1936, so she only kept one for a few years. There must be 42 pages in total. These are only a few.  I think it's amazing to see how medical expenses  seemed to take up a lot of their paycheck.
 And no matter how the month was going , there always seemed to be a few dollars for a new outfit, or a small trip. Seattle seems to be a recurring theme. In another ledger I noticed Seattle cost $7.00...sometimes $15.00 for a weekend, depending on wether or not they went to a show.
 Rent never seemed to change. $15.00 for a small apt on Cook Stree in Victoria.
 Then by 1941 things got decidely more difficult. No pay and no work coming in for a while. My dad had to have numerous operations for various maladies. But by the end of 1941 they went back to Bethune, Saskatchewan for another visit. Just so happy to be with family. Her writing was even happy. They had nothing and yet they had everything. I like the part where they spent $350 on 2 trips home...they were content.
                                                            1941 Bethune. My dad. Davey.
                                                          Spring. 1941.
                                                        November 1941

Friday, June 21, 2013


Snoozies on warm pavement. Forming a heart.
                                           Snoozies with your best friend...adopted brother
                           Hearing thunder in the distance....amd your human parents calling you home.
                                         Snoozies in the warm afternoon. Ignoring all else.
                                            Snoozies for Spencer and Smoky......zzzzzzzz