Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pad pad pad pad pad pad through a puddle....

 Spencer can see his reflection. It rained.Spencer sees worms.
 Spencer goes pad, pad, pad, pad, pad, pad..........splooooosh.
 Smokey has NOT found worms. He has found a hummingbird.   In the rain.

Pad, pad, pad, pad, pad, pad he goes. Over to see. Cordelia does NOT pad , pad, pad.She waits till it stops raining.  She observes.
 Spencer has found  worms  swimming in a pool of water. Pad, pad, pad, pad......smoosh.Worm wriggles away.Pad, pad, pad, pad. Flick. Wet paws.
 Aha. There it is. Wriggle wriggle.  Spencer pats at it.
 Penguin does NOT chase worms, or sit in pools of water, or anything else. He pad, pad, pad, pad, pad comes up to the door. To see. Snack?
 Spencer stays with his worm. Pad, pad, pad, pad....splash. So simple on a rainy day. We should all pad pad pad pad pad through a puddle and splash at worms.

Friday, March 28, 2014


 Us at the end of Thursday. An overlay effect. Just could not resist it. Made me feel like we were floating in space......We're at Salmon Point. A place that is wild and extensive as it is beautiful.The end of a glorious afternoon ......
 It started at the Pier. Closed off. Of course. When Ralph and Linda visited yesterday. No walking the planks for us. Notice the sandals.........only in B.C. It actually WAS warm enough for sandals. But it got colder as the light went on into night.
With no walking the Pier planks,we had to admire the marina from afar....Not exactly summer weather, but nice. Very nice.Made it more special because good friends had come from afar to see it.
 Ralph and LINDA...................
 LINDA and Ralph.....................
 Ralph AND Linda..............
 NO. Not their dog. Not my dog. A passerby at Tyee Spit was walking her beautiful, stylish dog. And just happened to pose. On this Thursday. Out on the path. Out in the sun.
 Then it was time to get Ralph and Linda to pose again at the railings, with Quadra Island behind them,float planes taking off again and again, just to the side of us.
 Linda and I. Holding up the fence. On a dry March Thursday. Down at the Spit. Fun in the sun.I won 't say that too loudly, cause the east coast is still digging out of snow.
 One of my favourite places off the estuary. The Bridge to Nowhere. It has cracked planks and literally goes nowhere. I imagine  people fishing from the deck. Watching the whales pass by....
 Or watching the herring run. Like we did. Seagulls perched like bobbing ducks, over the schools of herring,
 At  the end of Tyee Spit...............there has to be whales there.
 A pair of eagles watching from their tree, high , high above and far away. Right to the end of my zoom lens. And nests. They had been fishing when we first arrived,swooping down to catch  herring. And now they sat and watched. ( I really must get a bigger zoom lens)Watching and waiting to start all over again.
 And this is what we saw. Pod of Orcas skimming the water, chomping up herring as fast as possible.
 Orcas, blowing water from  blow holes, diving, eating. But no leaping. Waited for that. But it never happened. Wherever the Orcas went, seagulls followed, squawking, crying, screeching in their excitement. Thar she blows.......thar be whales at Tyee Spit.....
 How in the world could one follow up whales. Salmon Point. My favourite place to go. An RV campground on the way to Courtenay, outside of Campbell River. Pristine. Gorgeous rocky beaches. Big, big sky...............hard to believe that the log cabin restaurant would sport top of the line  gourmet bistro meals. Perfect views. Big sky.
 So big it's as if you could get swallowed up in the clouds.
 And at night, when the sunset begins, prepare yourself for a light show.......
 Looking to the mainland of B.C., long and low clouds..................
 .......stretching down the coastline.
 Turning orange-blue.............
 Striping to pale pink. Even paler with lavender..................
A good day. With good friends. Big sky and Whales.........what could be better....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 A few things for Wednesday. New quilt for a friend....nice little civil war piece. Spencer approved.
 Waiting after the rain, in the morning. For snacks. And waiting. And waiting.......
 Sweet pea cages all ready and waiting in the rain. For seeds. They'll be waiting a while for those.....Meanwhile, it makes a great cat jungle gym.
 Spencer has proved he is a fierce jungle cat. He has discovered that if he sits on top of the top part of the fence he can see birds a LOT more. He waves his paws madly at the birds, hoping they will come over to his perch......Not on this Wednesday.
 And I have discovered how to filter two photos at once....rain puddles, moon and trees. Early on this Wednesday morning....
 On Wednesday, Cordelia has discovered that Smokey likes to chase. She sticks out her tongue at him....
 Also on Wednesday, Smokey has practised his pretty eyes. Works like a charm.But Cordelia is not fooled.
 And late on Wednesday morning, Spencer has found  he has lots of things to accomplish.
 And it stops raining at I can finish quilting and stop being distracted.
 And Cordelia finally has found solace on the fence. On Wednesday. No telling what Thursday will bring.....

Friday, March 21, 2014

DIRT IS.......

Dirt is...... often viewed as boring. 
Dirt is  great for cats. Better than a litterbox.
                                        Dirt can be scooped, dropped, sprinkled, tossed, shovelled.
 Dirt can be spread over existing dirt. But not till you've moved the teak bench to it's prime position.A place where you can admire your dirt.
Dirt is good in pots.
                                             Moss pots. Many pots. Ceramic Pots. Plastic Pots. Old Pots. New Pots. Cracked Pots.
Dirt gives you permission to make a mess.
                                Dirt likes the garden.

                                Dirt looks great from on high. Look at all those pots. (I have a lot of pots)
Dirt even likes the weather. Rain. Hail. Wind.

         Cordelia is not fond of dirt. She is far too beautiful to sit in dirt. But she can admire it from afar.
                             Dirt likes to be weeded.
                                     Spencer likes the dirt. He sits in it. In my pots.
                            Spencer is round. He digs in the dirt. In fact, Spencer digs dirt.
 Dirt is a good place for new cages. Spencer approves. Dirt can hold up the cages. For sweet peas to grow on. For cats to dig . For shovels to  shovel. For boots to stomp. Flowers to grow. Weeds to thrive. Dirt definitely is.......