Wednesday, July 29, 2015


                      The Rhodochiton is another one of my favs for summer.
           It hangs  in baskets either in a greenhouse or outside in the hot sun. It loves heat.
               Also known as Rhocochiton atroswanguineus. Fancy name.
                                                It climbs and twirls like fuschia.
 In some countries, where it comes from, like Mexico, it most likely is a perennial.
                           Here, on Vancouver Island, it is an annual.
             But I've seen it grow right up until frost, or November, whichever comes first.
                                         Around here, it's called Purple Bell Vine.
                                                Heart pointed leaves.
                                    Dark purple. Some rhodochitons are white. Like Cordelia.
                                 The flower vines twirl and twirl .
                                          With flowers that hang down like pendants.
                                     Rhodochiton first showed up in 1829.
                                Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini collected seeds
                               and sent them to as many botanical institutions that he could find.
                                         Three species of Rhodochiton exist.
                                      In the Sierra Madre del Sur....
                                   Northern Oaxaca, MExico,
                                          And Chiapas.
                                     In these places the Rhodochiton grows at massive altitudes.
                                      Between 1300 and 3500 metres.
                                           Here, they grow at sea level. Basically.
                                              In a nice pot. That hangs.
                                            In Mexico it grown in places that cannot be reached.
                                            Lucky us to be able to find it in the greenhouse stores.
                                                Growing in little tubs.
                                              In 1836 it was labelled an ornamental creeper.
                                               And creep it does.
                                               And twines and twirls.
                                                  All summer long.........

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scenes from the Beach...

 These are some of my favourite scenes from the surrounding beaches.  First off, the cruise ships go toodling by the Pier, all summer long. This one came by during sunset and an eagle swooped nearby.It was a hot July night, and everyone on the Pier deck stopped what they were doing to watch.
                          Salmon Point Beach. Rocky. Not a tourist mecca.  A little on the wild side.
                                 And here's that same eagle. Closer to shore. Who says birds don't just soar around just for fun....
                               Coast Mountains from Salmon Point.
                                         Eagle at Tyee Spit. Intent on something.
                                                 Maybe the fat pigeons in the nearby field.
                                          Or maybe just contemplating the world.
                                             At Miracle Beach, from the end of the forest trail.
                                             Heron walking in the sand bars at Miracle Beach.
                                             Salmon Point Beach.
                                                   Campbell River Boat launch. Eagles and more eagles.
                                              Lone bench at Tyee Spit, in the mist, on a cool July day.
                                      Same day at Tyee Spit. Long and low grasses near the shore.
                                            Perching at the boat ramp. Fishing.
                                                  Also  near the boat ramp. More fishing.
                                                   Miracle Beach low tide one cloudy July day.
                                             Walking through forest at miracle beach trails.
                                              To finally come out at the end of the trail to low tide,
                                                       sand bars and coast mountains.
                                My all time favourite. Just goes on and on and on.
                                               Trail from Miracle Beach head into the forest.
                                               Taking a stance.
                                               The largest trail down into Miracle Beach.
                                           To see the sun glinting in reflecting on the sand.
                                                    To see the sunset sky. Larger than life.
                                                                      From the beach.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sleeping Bee Collage...

                    The days are long and hot.
                                                And I've noticed tons of bumbles sleeping away the morning.
                                          On the Inula.
                                                   And on the roses.
                                                 And I have never seen so many bees.
                                                          Sleeping away the early morning hours.
                                                There is a thought that they may be passing away.
                              And thus go to Bee Heaven.  Where, I assume, there are many flowers.
                                           But they soon shake off their drowse.
                                                    And toddle off to get about their day.
                                                The bees are everywhere. This year.
                                           The males are the ones who like to have sleepovers.
                                                In all the flowers. Quite a bit  in the Inulas.
                                                   Cosmos. Echinaeca. Geraniums.
                     Since the males do not have a stinger, you can go ahead and stroke their fuzzzz.
                                               They will just snore away.
                                                The females go back to the hive for the night.
                                             But the males get quite pooped.
                                            And will plop down on any old flower.
                                                   Makes it difficult to weed and prune the next day.
                                              With so many bees around. Buzzzzzzzzzz.
                                             And if they are getting ready to die off.
               And at some point, they WILL pass away. To make ready for a new season.
                                       But for now they just sleep. Like forgotten flower fairies.
                                                      And probably dream. Buzzzzzz.