Friday, November 18, 2011


 Mist in  early morning, after the  big snowfall ( well, big for Flannel City). It feels like a winter wonderland....maybe even an early Christmas card. This is looking out from our front yard, on the hill. Great view to survey the world the stretchs out beyond.
 Early morning. Before dawn. Everything is blue......
                                                                    Sunrise at last.

Looking up towards the house. Buried under snow. Lots to shovel out, just to get up the hill.

 Sunlight. On Trees. Below us.
                                                     Mist starts to disappate in the valley.
 Looking through the snow bound Japanese Maple to he neighbour's tree beyond .
                                                 Last  of the grape leaves, still hanging on.
 Warbling bird, hanging precariously from twigs. He was very happy and very vocal. Tons of them feeding from thed seed trays.Tons of junkos, Chickadees and a few Towhees.
Guess the neighbours won't be draping underwear over their clothesline today.........