Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Never pass up the chance to get a shot of of a bald eagle. On this day, I didn't have my big camera, just the smaller version. But it was well worth the time to get as close as I dared. He was not all that concerned. I just kept thinking: look at those talons. He looked like he had seen a few seasons.
Eagles pair for life and on Vancouver Island seem to have a long life span, sometimes lasting about 20 years. In some habitats only 10% of the chicks reach maturity. But here  they have a 60% chance.
 Who could pass up the moment  to see this big eagle cruise its way down to the rocks.  To sit and fish. Or Fish and sit.Nesting time is between Feb and end of June. Two or three chicks being raised at a time. Over twenty years that would mean a lot of babies to learn to sit and fish with.
                              Or to look. At me. Looking at him. We stared at each other. He got bored.
 Most trees on the east coast of Vancouver Island are perfect for eagle's nests. 81% are over 150 years old, usually found about 1 kilometre from the shoreline.
 Bald Eagles really love their territory and need about 1000 metres between nests. You can see them  perched in between the spiny growth of  old trees. Sometimes, if you stand still you can hear the babies. You can definitely hear the parents calling to each other.
In the Strait of Georgia, landowners who have eagle nests on their property have to show how they plan protecting the tree sites.
                                                 Waterfront  is prime and their nests cannot be demolished.
And for a little while, the other day, I was glad to sit on the rocks and  watch him sit and watch me.  Ever so often he would call to his mate. Telling her amazing stories about how he was going to bring home dinner.  Just after he had a snooze on the rocks . With the waves lapping beside him. I don't think his mate believed he was shopping  for dinner at all. She called back to him once or twice. Probably asking him to stop dawdling. To stop snoozing by the sea.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


                      A few things that give joy. Simple things. Right here. In the now.

Two cats sitting on a porch.  From next door.  Two cats who say hello. Smokey catches snakes. Spencer referees.
                          A birdhouse made by a friend long ago.


                                     Another cat  who  is patient and wise.
                                 A tub of thorny gooseberries. Hard to pick. Easy to wound. Easier to forgive.
                              A rose thought to have been killed by the snow.
Beautiful Cordelia  who comes to visit each day. Posing on the fence.Posing anywhere, for that matter. Looking for photo ops.
                                         A plum tree that actually has produced mountains of plums. Fruit laden branches hanging low to the ground. Like elephant trunks.
                   Sweet Peas. Just beginning.  Never ending. Reminds me of my mother. Reminds me of walls of sweet peas that were as never ending as the plums.
Fluterbys. Fluttering and weaving.
                                                          A lemonade rose, back from the dead.
            And the Flutterby. Did I mention it already?  There seems to be more than one popping about.

                                    And of course Spencer. Mr. Personality.
           Time for tag with Cordelia. HE sees her......
            And SHE sees him...............
                                            Wow, can Cordelia run fast.........
                            And the Flutterby. Did I mention it ? Must have. There seems to be another one.
 And flowers. Popping up all over. Like magic.
             And two indoor cats. In early morn. Listening to the wind. Watching for  excitement. The third one hides under the chair. Too much excitement, I guess.
Put them all together.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


 Probably one of the most beautiful beaches, one of the cleanest, most pristine. Spent the morning at Miracle Beach, on Saturday. I took over a hundred photos. I love this place so much, and I think I'll post them in small groups , here  and there, just to show you and tempt you to come to this place. Stand on the sand bars and just feel it. It's a place that has to be felt, seen and experienced.
 The trail thru the forest is your first contact with Miracle Beach, which is situated between Comox and Campbell River on the east side of Vancouver Island.
 Not an old growth forest. But old enough. There are hiking trails , and a campground.
 And then suddenly. There it low tide.
 Some picnic areas. Clean. Organized. Away from beach area itself.
  And then you step onto the wilds of Miracle Beach.
  And the experience of the vastness will overtake you.
  As far as the eye can see......
      Looking north towards Quadra Island
 Looking towards the coast mountains.
                               The tidal pools.
 Freighters and tugs that pass in the Passage.
 The rippled sand. Best time to come is at low tide. In the morning, is you can swing it.
                       When there is no one around, except for the few  who are out for their morning walk.
 Buckets left by the single family I saw toodling around the sand bars.
 Kids and their mom just having a whale of a time digging in the shoreline .
 Looking for neat things
 Sand dollars for one. You are not allowed to take them off the beach. THough I am sure some do. I must admit I have take a few broken shells here and there. The tide is so clean. So fresh. Best to leave what you find......
             The kelp will thank you........ ( Part 2 later on)