Monday, June 27, 2011

Victoria Breakwater

 Sunset  at Ogden Point.........very shiny, very beautiful....
 Ogden Point Breakwater.............dozens  of people walk this every day,every night, every moment.
 The walkway is a little on the narrow can pass people as you go, but there are no barriers.
 Cruise Ship watching at Ogden Point.
 This is the Golden Princess in port for the weekend. Seemed to be a lot of tourists taking rickshaw rides up and down the waterfront.
 From the end of the breakwater, near the lighthouse.....Dallas Road
 Dale and  yours truly at the end of the lighthouse point.
 The Coho steams back to 'Murrica ( love saying that) form being in Victoria Inner Harbour most of the day.
 Large stones on side of breakwater.We used to run on these when we were kids. People still fish off the stones, or sit on them.
 Glovis freighter way out in the distance, from the harbour.
Windy down on Clover Point....tryin not to be pushed off the cliff....the wind is very strong.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eagle in his Habitat

 Just had to show you this one first. Was amazing. Using a 300x zoom Nikon 3100

Friday, June 3, 2011

Peace and Tranquility

A quiet Friday in Flannel City.....the Pier was absolutely calm and pristene. Only a few lone tourists casting their fishing lines into the kelp ridden water.

 A view that is basically all ours. Quiet. Maybe a little too can hear the kelp gurgling down below in tide.
 Mist over Quadra Island. Positively eerie. Reminds me of Tofino, with its clouds and rain forest.
 Morgan  at the end of the Pier. No jostling for seats. No kids running up and down. Yoo Flannel City deserted?
 A sienna study of Dale. With no one around , can take pictures of the splinters, if I so wish.  Can hear yourself think. Can hear your self breathe.......
 Permanent Houses on Quadra Island. Sure have a lot of windows to clean....better to see the passing boats.
 Tug comes tootling along. You can hear the swish swish of the water against its bow.
 A tall tourist casting his line into the water below. Over and over. Don't think the fish are biting today. Does not seem to matter. All that matters is that it is incredibly tranquil. I think that's the point.
 Here are some die hard tourists. They have been ceremoiously stuffed into yellow survival suits then heave hoed into  the fishing charter boat. Now they are being whisked out to the fishing grounds, with the promise of  catching something. They look supremely uncomfortable. No thanks.
 Finally, one patch of sunlight. A chance to make a few shadows......
 Azure sea. Fishing tourists sitting in their little boats, bobbing around on the ocean near the point of Quadra Island. Up and dow, up and down, up and down.......rather stand on the pier and get the sae vantage point.
 Another tourist tries his and at fishing. He doesn't seem all that interested in casting. He and his friends would rather bask in what little sunlight there is. They are drinking coffee and  commenting on how perfectly still it is.
                                                             Busy boardwalk..............sublime time.
 Star Trek Ship Cloud in the breaking sky.
Look way up......way'll see  eagle. He didn't  oblige by spreading is wings, unfortunately.But he was watching. Great view he mst have. He gets to live it, every day.