Wednesday, March 28, 2012


                                                                  Guardian  2009

 I have been cataloguing more pictures every day. Found a swath of Morgan's drawings. Thought it would be fun to post some on the blog....just some of them, mind you.....I wish Dale would let me prin out some of her stories. She has a real dry wit and is good words, but she keeps them tightly locked away on her computer. So, for now , I post these goodies..............
 Baby and Kangroo for the Seilers  2011
 Morgan with her drawing before mailing it off.....
 Dale as a Klingon 2011....for art school
                      Dragon's Hoard 2009
                                 Elvin Ruins 2011
                 Gentle Hands 2010......for Art School
 Mikhaela 2012 (for her family).....
 Origami Hardhat  2010.....
 Horse head 2004
                            Sand Cat 2011..........
 Morgan as a Cardassian 2011 (for ar school).........can you see that we are Trekkies?
 SeaShell Mermaid 2006.......( I love this one. Dale wrote a poem for it.....but she has it safely tucked away somewhere...)
 Soleil  2011....for art school
 Morgan working on Soleil 2011..............
 Tiny Dragon 2011....for Art School.....
 Unicorn Lady 2008
                                Victorian Costume 2011........and to think Art School let her go.........

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunset......after the storm

 From a few days ago.....was just able to post it now. After that horrendous storm we had, the sky brightened for sunset. I love poetry. I love reading it, and finding bits and pieces that speak of the moment.....
        "Shall I compare thee to a summer' day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
           And Summer's lease hath all too short a date." (Shakespeare)
 Clouds were pink, lilac, azure...................
"In the grey summer garden I shall find you, with day break and the morning hills behind in the world, and peace, and dawn's one star." ( "Idyll" by Seigfried Sasson)
The tell tale sign that night is coming.....the clouds taking on a blue-grey tint. Was amazing.
"Eeryone suddenly burst out singing. And I was filled with such delight. As prisoned birds must find in freedom, winging wildly across the white orchards and dark green fields....on, on, and out of sight." ("Everyone Sang" by Seigfried Sassoon)

Bo's St. Paddy's Afternoon

 We love our Bo. She is so pretty. Ragdoll breed has such a lovely temperment. They also can be very naughty. Bo is quite naughty. But she is so sweet, that she gets away with a lot.  Here she is, wearin' o' the green( kind of ), it being St. Paddy's day. She is not supposed to be sleeping on the towels.
 Bo decided to go for  walk on the ledge. She is not allowed up there either. Bo was being naughty.
 Bo decided that for St. Paddy's Day she would like some sun. She liked the ledge. But , again, she knew that she was not supposed to be up there.
      So, Bo came back down to the towels. Not exactly a compromise. Bad Bo. Doesn't she look contrite?
 Bo went back on the ledge. In the sun. In the warmth, surrounded by green.
Bo fell asleep on the ledge, in the sun, in the warmth. What a great life. May we all find our own ledges to sit on, in the sun, in the warmth.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waiting for Spring.....

                  "Joy is the mainspring in the whole of endless Nature's calm rotation" (Schiller)

"Give me beauty inthe inward soul, and may the outward and inward person be as one. May I reckon the wise to be the wealthy, and may I have such a quantity of gold as none but the temperate can carry." ( Socrates)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MORE from the Hurricane March 12, 2012

 This is an incredible sight......trees bending over at Alder and Hilchey. Street was blocked off for hours. What a mess. Power lines down. Storm raging .....
 This is after the storm passed. The mess left on the beach near downtown Flannel City........
 Torrents of oceans, falling, rumbling, loud.
 This is NOT the beach, can you believe it. This is the Island Hwy. Cleanup crews were amazing and were out immediately to get things tidied up. They were amazing.
 At Willow Point...Can see the waves coming in as the storm progresses....
Would not want to be on the  ocean. Amazing.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hurricane Aftermath in Flannel City

 Massive trees downed today in hurricane type storm. Building lost siding, roof segments, chimneys toppled......
 Huge trees pulled up by their roots.........people stopping and taking pics  ( I am guilty of that one as well)
 Couldn't believe these old trees went over so easily. 
 Roots exposed. Pieces of tarps tangled.
 At the Catholic Church, cracked roots lie across the parking lot. Could have been worse. Could have gone across the road.
 Freezing wind. Everything blocked off.
 More trees. Big roots. Slammed into the ground.
 Kids find the time to climb on the trees.
 Snapped in half. Lots of downed power lines, just left dangling.
Roads closed. Tree leaning on power lines. Wow.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day in the life of a Cat.....

 How to spend the day.........Bo is a fashion consultant......
 Birdies ......................
 Pye likes to watch.
 Birdies sit in the little feeder in front of the window......
 Pye  makes uneventful smacking sounds at birdie on the windowpane.
 Always hopeful............................
"Please God, in one of my 9 lifetimes, let me catch a bird....indoors."
And Bo....smug as always, ignores the birds and continues her domination of the fabric industry.