Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blooming Stuff...

 Blooms from today......................Coral Pink Roses...............tons of them....
 Pots..............stuffed with flowers...................overstuffed....
                                          Stuffed some more........................
                                                          Sweet Peas. My favourite.
                                      Porch. Creeping Jenny. Creeping everywhere.............
                                           Nasturtums. Wildly falling every which way.
             Pathways of Creeping Jenny, which has stayed blooming longer than usual.
 Begonias stuffed into pots........
                                           Fuschias trickling out of pots.
                                       Plant stand with Begonias, fuschias, sweet peas.
                    Imogene is the purple leaf plant behind the  smaller pot. Loves shade.
 And  still more begonias stuffed like stuffing into pots...
                                                 And Sweat Peas. again. and again....

                                                          Marshmallow Fuschia.
                                                         Looking down from porch.
                       And again.....sweet peas. This time growing with the Curry Plants.
 Hanging baskets in the greenhouse.
                                                          Rhodochiton .....looking up.
                                  Blue and more blue. Love this basket stuffer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Peas in a Mass

              Sweet Peas from today. A mass of them. The scent is heady, strong, sweet.....
 I grow them in the front and back yards all in a mass. These are Knee Hi Sweet Peas, because they stay short and in a mass, instead of growing up on vines.  They like sun, lots of it, and a protected spot, and lots of water to keep them happy but not waterlogged.
 It looks like a wild mess, but that's the best part. You can also grow them in nice big  containers, if you wish, for something tidier. I like the mess of flowers. When people walk by, they always comment on the scent.
Some of the sweet peas in the grouping are the Vine Sweet Peas, adn I stuff them into the ground to grow up on rose bushes, or sunflowers.
Others I put into hanging baskets, and they grow up on the chains. But I love the mass of sweet peas in the ground.  They tend to be stronger and able to produce more blooms. Make sure you pick them daily, to encourage more flowers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In the Pink, yellow and Blue....

            Sweet Peas and Lavender....lots and lots of lavender, drying on the piano today
                                  More sweet peas....they are finaly starting to bloom.
 This is where Grey Cat sleeps during the day. Underneath the cranesbill by the lavender.
 Dragon's blood.............
 And more sweet peas...........
 And more dragon's blood.............

 Purple lilies. Love this colour. Starting to bloom at last. They are a little late. but here.
 Verbascum. One of the tallest plants in the garden. Considered to be a weed to some. I know them as Perennial  Sunflowers.
Blue Sky and yellow Verbascum.......

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 Incredible sky tonight. Didn't last long. Ran up to the hill to get a few shots. Must be from all the smoke coming in from Siberia . Makes the sky look as if it has been painted with  the latest funky colours.
                                    Mountain range in pink...............washed in cotton candy.
                                                              Beautiful first look.
                                Wider angle. Clouds just swathed with shimmering colour.
                         Even wider far as the eye can see, and even farther.........
                                 Worth the toddle up the hill. Worth waiting for.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot July Garden

 Someone asked me what did the garden look like  in July. So did a quick study to see. I was surprised that so many things are flowering, especially since it was a wet, wet spring. This is my favourite place.....I have worked really hard to grow "stuff" around the bench. when we moved here, this entire area was completely bare, except for grape vines.
 Another favourite.Lavender. Cut another bunch today. The Lavender is growing like crazy this year. Tons from just a few bushes.
           Back is yellow with creeping Jenny, which is lasting longer than usual.
 Looking from terrace down into porch. When we moved here there was nothing around the porch. So  simple to spruce up with some extra  plants in pots in groupings.
 Top terrace. Huge crop of sweet peas, at the back, but they're a little slow this year. Coming along.Blueberries are massive...
 Looking thru to the mountains, in the misty, hazy distance. The haze is coming from fires in Siberia, and they have wandered into our area. Can't smel smoke at all, just looks like it.
                   Middle terrace.....climbing hydrangea is huge this year....all that rain...
 Looking up from the yellow creeping jenny to the Head. He seems happy up in his little corner. I love the creeping jenny. Some people yank it out...I just leave it, and pull out what I don't want. Makes for some colour in the perennials.
 From the porch looking up. Love this spot as well....sheltered, nice from the sun, when it is hot. Cold, when it is too cool.
 Front hill. Blue with Budleia bush on the left. Beautiful this jungle all around.
                  Steps going up where the lavender is planted and reseeds itself.
 My hummingbird, who likes to sit on the weeping katura tree and have a rest. He must have sat here, in the shadows, for about 10 minutes. I took a lot of shots from the house,so I wouldn't startle him. Thought, I don't think he is that scared of me. Likes to dive bomb.
And this is still my favourite place.....the racoon sits here every night as well, as do the cats......everyone seems to like it. Especially on a hot day.