Monday, January 30, 2012


                                                 Couldn't resist these. Spring. Inside.
         Couldn't resist this. This is outside. White Cat. Gold Eyes. Watching Birds. Sitting in the dirt.
 Oooooooh. Really couldn't resist this.........Tulips. Just had to look at them once more. Inside.
Couldn't resist this. White Cat. Outside. Perfectly white. Outside in the dirt. Waiting for those birds.

Friday, January 20, 2012


 ONCE UPON A TIME...........
Once upon a time it was a snowy day. The kind of day that you dream about. The kind of day that wintering birds like junkos, chickadees, towhees, finches, grackles, flickers and varied thrushes  do not dream about. It means hanging on to twigs for dear life.

It means sharing . Twigs. Covered in snow. It means finding seeds. Suet. And not sharing.

Perched high on her hill, sits White Cat. Watching. Waiting. Seeing all. Ohhhhh, it is good to be a cat.

Grackles cuddle with each other. Cold. Still fat from suet. A nice morsel for White Cat.

Grackles know when they have it so good.Branches. Suet swinging invitingly.

The others watch. Snow is deeper now.

                                    Swing Grackle. Swing in the Snow.

           White Cat  is a very clever little white cat. She leaves her warm home, toddles down to our yard where she promptly hops inside the greenhouse.

One or two windows are always left open so it will not get too “spongy” inside. White Cat knows that if she sits on the windowsill she can eye the birds to her heart content. Methinks the birds eye her, as well.

The snow is wet and sticky. Sticks to branches and twigs, crystals hanging …..beyond the forest is swathed in mist, snow lingering on thick pine branches.

Crows and eagles mix in the treetops. Weather is changing. Birds sit and wait.

                          And something else howls in the forest…..

Meanwhile, little White Cat decides it is time to find some of those lovely chirping fuzz balls, of which she is so fond. Unfortunately, the minute she plops herself down in her usual place, under the rhodos, the place is suddenly empty. Birds. Gone. While, little White Cat waits. Patiently. Like a ball of snow.
     And something, again, howls in the forest…..