Monday, May 30, 2011

Bees and Cranesbill

 Bees are back. The Cranesbill  is out. So beautiful. The cranesbill tends to populate itself wherever it wants. I thought I would justpost these pics and let them speak for all its purply, velvet lushness.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Day

 Humid outside. Actually cooling down. Dark clouds rolling ouver the mountains. Absolutely fantastic!  Nothing pressing to do today. Decided to putter outside. Orange cat was lounging on the fence. She is so beautiful. Likes to preen and  fluff herself out like a peacock.
 I don't think she saw the hummingbird that zoomed in over her head...........
 But I did take a look at the grape vines. Have been coaxing them to leaf for weeks. And today, they obliged. Just starting out....all pink like newborn babies.  Just wait, they will explode in a couple of days. The looming thunderstorm will see to that.
           Orange cat DID see Little Black and White cat on the other side of the gate.
 Little Black a White cat  promptly plopped himself down to watch her. She didn't like that much.
 Not too sure about this little cat. Extremely friendly....he is always trying to get into the house, and the garage. We just shoo him away. I get the feeling that he is neglected somewhat. His fur is not all that great.. But he does not act like a feral cat. The neighbours and I give him treats off and on, but he's not thin. Just seems to like to spend time up here on the hill. He likes to sleep in the neighbour's zucchini patch and by their back door. He sits on the fence and carries on a conversation that would challenge the best telemarketer.  Needless t say, Orange Cat took a flying leap off the fence and toddled away, while Little Black and White cat swished his tail and watched. Then he went back to wherever he came from.
      I remember ,once ,in the winter seeing him trail through the snow, all the way up the hill to the laurel hedge on the side.  His fur was matted with snow and ice, but he was still as pleasant as can be when we gave him treats. I watched for that little cat, afterwards.....he must have sat there for ages, staring at all the little birds, before disappearing somewhere. A survivor,that's what he is. He never complains.
 Then, before the thunderstorm, I plunked in somemore geraniums into the greenhouse. Found my old brass container, planted it. Had that thing for years, and it just seems to wear on and on.
 Clematis is now fully bloomingn the greenhouse.
 Passion flower is close to blooming. The pods are ready to pop.
 Love the fern that grows and grows in the side of the door.............
 Replanted the Lo and Behold Buddleia and it likes the bigger pot.
 Patio tree holds court at the front....It looks like a fuzzy ball.
And alway strawberries, strawberries all over. Flowering now. Yellow strawberries. What  a great day. Nice to watch the grass grow, and have no deadlines. Nice to watch the fur fly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Potting Begonias with rain tuber begonias. They get large and lush and droopy lasting all summer long. This year I bought extra moss and have topped up the urns and baskets.
 Trying Coleus this year. Not sure how it will do. It likes part shade, part sun....
 Grey Cat....Peeping Tom, that he is....peering in at me through the kitchen window. He sits on the gate and purrs.
 Small container on the table on the porch......will get full and colourful.
 Rain soaked Geraniums. They are finally outside....very happy.
And then there is White Cat.....hiding from the rain, under the bench. All is right in the garden.....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Green things with Cats

 More cats. And still more .......this is grey cat. He likes to sit in the strawberries.
 Blue with Green...............
 Hostas are green.........coming up like crazy with all the rain.
 Climbing hydrangea is green......all lazy and thick this year....
 Grey cat still sits in my strawberries. Surveying.
 Lady's Mantle after the
 Greenhouse clematis...just opening up. Green with purple. A bit earlier than the outdoors one.
 Green with the cranesbill............
 My green strawberries that Grey Cat likes so much.
 From the backyard..............the mountain range in the distance.
 Other side of the range........the one bit of sun we have had in days.
White Cat surveys Grey Cat surveying me, while he still sits in my strawberries.

A Day in the Life of a Cat ( or two)

 All the cats in the neighbourhood like our roof. The pigeons sit up there. So the cats just have to climb up and have a look. Orange Cat really likes it there.
 Dropping down by the rain gutter.............
 Onto the Grapes...( look, they are just starting to come into leaf...excitement....)
 Drop over the fence
 Find a warm spot on the cement stairs and proceed to ignore.
 See the next cat getting ready to go up on the roof..........
 Scratching is soooooo satisfactory...
 More ignoring............
 Watching the black and white bib cat  head for the roof.......
Black Cat with White in line.....