Sunday, December 29, 2013


Cordelia in the fall

For Judy

Lavender in the summer

Bo among the village people.

Rain on Hosta

Spencer peeking in the kitchen window like he does everyday.

His brother, Smokey in the yellow creeping jenny

Our Christmas Stockings

Christmas Runners

Black Bacarra Rose

Salmon Rose

Bunny's Christmas

Cats have a meeting place.

Antique quilt for Kim

Sweetpeas in my grandmother's vase..

Storm in Discovery passage

The marina on a hot August day

Spencer cuddling with his brother Smokey on cool pavement in the heat of summer.

Cordelia looking fluffy

The Pier

The hot skies in summer

Cool foggy forests of fall

Spencer catching rays in October

Cordelia praying in the arbour

Moon and Venus

Pale, pale rose covered in dew.

Hot pink and hot coral

The Moai Heads

Spencer sees Christmas Lights.

Smokey in the forest of flowers

Eagle Rising

Cooper's Hawk hunting in back yard in new year

Overturned water pitcher by racoons

Storm in the bay

Stellar jay

Eagle roosting on highest tree

Peek of sun setting

Cordelia of the Grapes

 Smokey and Doggie  at Christmas
My favourite Mt Washington shot

Varied Thrush in the snow for Christmas

Woodpecker  and the apple

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Friday, December 27, 2013


 Can't believe this is  Christmas week. Last week we had snow, ice, more snow. This week we have rain, sun, more sun. Today is the 3rd day( I think) of Christmas. I really dislike it when people dismiss Christmas after the 25th. Sorry, folks, it not only goes on for 12 days, but it should last all year.What's the rush........ Today was incredibly nice and mild. Could have been May or June......
 It was so clear, looking over to the point of Quadra island, I could see  sticky trees pushing up from the cliffs. So clear that each wave had it's own ripple effect. There were even boats bobbing about near the point. People lounging on deck.  Probably taking pictures of us on the shore. That's what I would do....
 And the loons, cormorants, whatever you want to call them....sitting on their rock. Crowded together like sardines, sunning themselves  like they do. Yawning at  each other. Staring at the humans staring at them.
 And the edge of Quadra island, jutting out like   a chin. Trees cascading down into the shoaling waters that round the point.   Was absolutely perfect.
 And being silly  down at the beach was a must today. Sidewalk was teeming with people. You won't see them here, but they are on either side of the frame. Everyone was down, taking their daily constitutional. Full of christmas dinners, christmas revelry and too much  company.
 The wave action was about as tame as it ever gets. Just one patch of splash near the rocky shoreline. Loons jumping up ever two seconds to see if the splashes meant there was something to eat. They were definitely a little looney today. All that sun. All that attention from passersby, stopping to stare and marvel at the clear day, on this , the  3rd day of Christmas.