Friday, March 29, 2013

Where have all the Sweet Peas come From?

 I heard a wonderful story today. Every year about this time I gather all sorts of sweet pea seeds...hundreds, I'm sure....pots, dirt and lay them out in the greenhouse ready to be seeded. Not yet, of course, it's not warm enough, but in a few weeks. I found out today where sweet peas got their start. Turns out they startetd in Sicily in 1695 being first recorded by Francisco Cupani. The seeds were sent to England, where a Dr. Uvedale (Middlesex, England) cultivated the sweet pea.Sweet peas continued to be introduced, until by 1911 there were 135 new species.
 In 1901 a new type of Sweet pea was found in England. It was found in the gardens of the Earl of Spencer at Althorp, Princess Diana's ancestral home. Their particular sweet pea is hardy, long stemmed with slightly ruffle-edged blooms with a moderate scent.
 Couldn't resist after reading all about the sweet peas. wsent out to get a few things. Came back with 160 orange and hot pink seed geraniums. For the greenhouse of course. Unitl it's warm enough to plant. By then there should be tons of sweet peas started.....Can hardly wait.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


She's back.My Cooper's Hawk. She sits on the cherry tree and stares. And looks. And swivels her head all around like she's possessed. Then she swoops down for the kill and carries off her prize. Today it was a small bird. She yanked out those feathers so fast, before you could even say "appetizer". Then she was off again. And she was silent. Can't even hear the air whoosh past her wings. She tends to come back every few days, and then I know she's all right, cause she's hunting. And staring. Pretending to be possessed....