Thursday, February 28, 2013

RAIN DAY last day of February

    Last Day of February Forecast: Rain to Snow to rain to wind to rain ( again) .It's that rainforest thing. Again.
 I was tromping around in the muck saw the rain hanging like fat beads fom the grape vines. You can see  ( well,I can see it) two arms springing  out of the vines , grasping the rain in one claw.
 That's the trouble with a rain-ikky day. It's very wet and soggy. It thunders in the gutters above.
                                              Pounds on the bird bath....
 Hangs on the cloven hooves of the grape vines. Does kind of look like a hoof, doesn't it?
Bunny is the smartest of us all. Cat nap . Over the edge of the couch. Oblivious. She snores, you know. .....

Monday, February 25, 2013


 She has returned. My Cooper's Hawk. She sits on the fence hunting small birds, hunting pigeons, hunting rats. There are rats around. Have seen them scurry under the bushes.....big black furry things. Have seen my Cooper's Hawk swoop . They have this surprise and attack method of hunting. Doesn't always seem to work. In some cases they will get killed during the surprise attack; I read somewhere that even though they are stealthy birds of prey they are quite addle-brained when it comes to hunting.
   But SHE seems plenty smart to me. She watches me through the window, probably thinking I am some sort of pigeon.......
 The female is slightly larger than the male. The scientific notes I read said that was because she eats more than the male......they live for about 12 years, sometimes up to 20 years. Depends on the area they favour. This one must live down in the forested area down from our house. We are close to the ocean on one side, and surrounded by forest on the other. Years ago the Cooper's Hawk was called the "Chicken Hawk"  because it used to be known for killing chickens on farmlands. It will hunt any smaller bird than itself, however.
Every day I look for my hawk ( yes, I call it "my" hawk....can't help it.....she recognizes me when I'm out in the yard). She fixes her eyes on me  and I can't take my eyes off her bright yellow, sharp talons. She flies silently. One minute she is there, and the next..........gone. Quiet. Hunting.