Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Pea Jungle with Little Black and White Cat

 To think that this year, I believed that there would not be any sweet peas. It was such a cold spring and nothing sprouted till late. Took these on the last Monday in August and was surprised by the veritable jungle that has exploded over the front pathway. Never have I had sweet peas last so long and be so hardy, or roses, for that matter. And without even trying.
his is little Black and White cat. Have no idea of his name. He lives down the block, an outdoor cat in all weather. Kind of wonder if his people look after him at all. But he's been brushed lately, is very sweet and gets treats from everyone around here. Happy cat. Follows me around garden, flopping, whenever he gets the chance.

Oh, to  be this happy.Rolling around on hot pavement....sounds glorious.

 Front path, roses  buried from sight. Can't even see the earth under the sweet peas. This is my idea of gardening...a florific profusion pulsating madly.
 Never planted the sunflowers........they sprung from bird seed, left from the winter. Each one of them a surprise.
                      Peace roses peering fearfully out from underneath the sweet pea brush.
 And Little Black and White Cat, ever constant, plops down on the path, just where I was picking.
 Roses, sunflowers, Lavatura, Sweet Peas all clamouring in silent chorus.  If I could hear them, I am sure they would be saying "weed me..."
                                                                    Nice life...........
At leastLitt Black and White Cat found his way up the stairs. Others may not be so lucky.....have no intention of cutting back on the sweet peas....they shall continue to drape themselves  languigly over the cement, until they and the others bloom no more.

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