Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Blackberry Peach Apple Pie

 “There was a mood of magic and frenzy to the room. Crystalline swirls of sugar and flour still lingered in the air like kite tails. And then there was the smell-the smell of hope, the kind of smell that brought people home.” 
― Sarah Addison AllenThe Girl Who Chased the Moon

Every year I feel this need to make some sort of blackberry pie.Sometimes I just want to re-invent it.  Make enough for the freezer.  Make enough to give away. The blackberries available now are all from blackberry farms.

  The wild berries in the hollows and trails are not quite ready. But I couldn't resist those big squooshy farm berries . They make fingers  blue black  and drip with juice when dipped in sugar.

 You can make your own piecrusts or , like I did , this time, for convenience, I got frozen pie shells. The days are hot and I didn't want to work that hard.  They come in two. Thawed completely, you can use one of the shells for the tops of the pie. No one will mind, and makes it go faster. PREHEAT oven to 450 degrees

 INGREDIENTS for filling ( for one pie) 
( I triple this for more pies)
3 cups blackberries ( bugs  need to tag along), 3 or 4 peaches, cut up ( I don't peel them), 2 or 3 apples, sliced ( I DO peel these!) , 3 tablespoons cornstarch, 3/4 cup sugar.    

 Mix all together.
 Pour into pie shells, either multiple ones or single.  I add more fruit if the filling is looking a bit scant.
 ALSO can ADD: sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. But not necessary, since that will be added to the top pie shell.

 Top the pies with the other shells. Slather tops with margarine. I just use my hand if I am on a roll. Doesn't have to be melted.  Sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. 
 Crimp down the edges, slash tops with a knife to let steam escape.
 “Never promise to make pie and fail to deliver on that promise.”― Kate LeboA Commonplace Book of Pie
 BAKE at 450 on cookie sheets, covered with foil to catch any juice.
 About 15 minutes. Decrease oven temp to 350 degrees. bake about 50 minutes to make sure the crust is baked. You can even pre-bake the crust slightly if you wish. I sometimes do.
 Let cool and wrap in foil and ziploc bag to freeze. Or if you just can't wait DIVE in.  Throw some good quality vanilla ice cream on each serving. 
 Nothing better than peaches  and blackberries together. I think next time I will leave out the apple. Makes more room for the other fruit...
 “Mother took the pie out of the oven and it hissed fragrant apple, maple, cinnamon steam through the knife cuts in the top crust. She was making her world beautiful. She was making her world delicious. It could be done, and if anyone could do it, she could.” ― J.J. BrownDeath and the Dream

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